Vibrac, a small village on the banks of the Charente.
Windmills, bridges, its history linked to the river and its activities

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A little local history

by Margaret, Webmestre

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Vibrac : a past still present (All it takes is a visit to the village)

Vibrac was the seat of a Noble estate. It was here during the Middle Ages and belonged to the Lords of Montchaude. Jovide, the daughter of Hugues de Montchaude, married Raymond de Mareuil in the 14th Century and she brought Vibrac to his estate through her marriage. Geoffroy de Mareuil, the son of Raymond, was the Lord of Villebois, Angeac and Vibrac. He lived during the reign of Charles VI.

The Chateau of Vibrac existed during the religious wars, we know this because it is mentioned in a report from the Duc d’Anjou to Charles IX about the Battle of Jarnac which took place on 13th March 1569.

Built by the Lords of Mareuil, it is delightfully situated on an island in the River Charente, which, at this spot, branches out in a thousand directions to form an infinite number of islands and little wooded islets.

All these branches of the river form a natural defence, even without the Chateau itself which is fortified.

You reach the site by crossing a succession of several stone bridges. All along the facade a broad terrace with stone balustrades dominates, supported by three vaulted archways onto which the apartments would open.

Two of these archways are lowered; the third, the one in the middle, is a semi-circular arch and would be the entrance portal, on top of which one sees, sculpted into the stone, the insignia of the Royal Order of Saint Esprit: a dove with wings outstretched on the cross with 8 points.

The body of the building was immense and was in the shape of a rectangle surrounding the courtyard of honour.


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