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The Restoration of the Mill

by Margaret, Webmestre

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Dear friends, walkers and passing tourists, don’t hesitate to come and take a breath of cool air (or take shelter during a shower, more frequent at the moment!!!) in the lower part of our village.

By the side of 2 chestnut trees which are almost 100 years old, you will see huge stones which mark the spot of our communal washing place. With a little imagination you can hear women rinsing their washing after the "Bugée", echoing all around the latest village news all the while beating their sheets with the laundry beetle.

The building which spans "une onde (presque) pure" or almost perfectly calm flow is one of the mills of the village, being restored, since the Community of Chateauneuf Commune (Communauté de Commune de Chateauneuf) acquired it.

Don’t be mistaken, we are not at the edge of the River Charente itself, but in fact on a canal which was built to route the water to the mills: one part of it to help in the production of walnut oil, another part, to produce coarse flour without doubt for animal feed, and last of all, for electricity production.

While we wait for the next stage of restoration, approach the building and look through one of the windows and you will be able to see the two wooden wheels which are in place, just since the last few weeks, waiting for the millstones and... the millers wife - who knows?


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